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The quality of the products are the responsibility of the manufacturer as Majer Hockey is not responsible for any defect, poor quality, inferior workmanship or any other issues with said product that may not meet your expectations. By no means should this site be your only source of information about a product, it's fit or quality.


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If any such breach of these or other terms that have been reported and/or transferred to police or other relevant authorities will have information pertaining to the breach disclosed, which may include any and all information you have posted, included or transferred into, on, through or within this site, transferred to said authorities.


The responsibility of keeping updated on any and all relevant information and any information contained within this site is solely your responsibility.  When deemed necessary, Majer Hockey will post all pertinent changes to this site or the information contained within.  This is solely at the discretion of Majer Hockey.

It is implied, by your use of this site that you agree to all the terms and policies contained within and that the implication extends to any changes to such made herein.


Majer Hockey or yourself may terminate your account or use of our website at any time with or without reason. You are liable for any orders that you place and any charges levied prior to the termination of your account.

Majer Hockey reserves the right to suspend, alter, terminate or discontinue this web site at any time without any notice.  All orders placed prior to the termination or suspension of this site will be fulfilled or refunded.


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Questions about the Terms and Conditions may be directed to us via telephone, in person or via email [email protected].

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