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Our e-commerce site is open 7 days a week, 365 1/4 days per year and it never sleeps (except for the occasional maintenance break).  We have tried to make the viewing and order process as simple and as user friendly as possible...but that does not mean we cannot make it better.  We are always looking for ways to improve.

Once you navigate your way through the order process, you will receive an order confirmation number that you can save or print.  If you have any issues or questions about your order, please keep that order number handy for reference. 

If you do not receive an order confirmation but believe that you placed an order, check the email address that you provided for accuracy as the issue may lie there.  Also, reference your credit and/or payment provided to ensure that your method of payment was charged.  If everything looks good on your part, contact us and we will do some digging to reference your order. 

For shipping, return or any other information, please see the site links at the bottom of our home page. 

Do not see some information you need?  Call or drop us a line and we will get back to you promptly.


All orders placed through Majer Hockey will be verified to ensure that everything is as accurate as possible.  If we note any issues with your order, we will contact you via the email or phone number that you provided on your order.  There are times that we may have to contact you to verify your order as this is done to ensure accuracy and to provide an additional level of security to protect both you and us.  That is why providing accurate information regarding any billing and shipping addresses, email addresses and phone numbers is important.


Majer Hockey reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are only able to offer products on this site to Canadian residents.

By purchasing an item on this site, you agree to abide by all terms and conditions set forth in our “General Terms & Agreements” section.


All prices on items listed in this site are in Canadian dollars.

Majer Hockey reserves the right to:

  • change the price on any item listed on this site without notice or explanation
  • alter, change or remove an item’s price where an error in pricing has occurred and cancel your order prior to or subsequent to the completion of the order. If this occurs, Majer Hockey will refund your purchase and contact you via email regarding the cancellation.


We use an authorized, third party payment gateway over secure networks to process your payment information. You hereby understand and agree that your payment information is transmitted through these sources.  Your credit information is always encrypted over these networks. Any breaches in this process not related to Majer Hockey or its site, directors or employees is the sole responsibility of the third party payment gateway.

If you register an account through this site, you agree to the terms and conditions stated within. Our recommendation to you is to provide a very confidential password that cannot be obtained via surreptitious means. The confidentiality of your account is your responsibility and you accept any and all activity under your account.

Majer Hockey has the right to terminate or suspend an account or transaction if we deem it to be fraudulent or if any part of the terms and conditions are not met.

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