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Majer Hockey is proud to offer a Loyalty program to all of our customers. Spend, earn and save by making your next purchase at Majer Hockey.


Once you create an online or in-store account, you are eligible to start receiving points. If you register in-store, you will be sent an SMS text that enables you to enrol in our Loyalty program.

Each dollar that you spend (pre tax (shipping excluded) gains you 1 point. Redeem those points on your next purchase or save them up if you wish…it is up to you and it is that simple.

All points are awarded on regular priced items or on in-store or online sale items. Certain product categories and in-store incentive programs are excluded from the Loyalty program. See below.



Points will not be awarded for any value added incentives or discounts that we may provide in-store.

Loyalty points cannot be redeemed or earned on the following:

  • Team/League items such as custom gloves, pants and apparel ordered through our Team Division; however, team and league items that we stock in-store and online are eligible for this program.

  • Gift Cards

  • Shipping charges

  • Taxes

  • In-store promotions or incentives

The Majer Loyalty program cannot be used with any other incentives or promotions. Offers subject to change. Points can be used only on subsequent purchases after initial purchase. Points are not redeemable for cash.


Buy more and save more as we are offering you the ability to earn more points by becoming a member of the Majer Family. Accumulate $5000+ in purchases and you automatically receive 1.5 times the points on subsequent purchases. The VIP/Family program is based off of accumulated points.


The Majer Loyalty Program can be used in store. Any purchases made online will have carry-over points that can be used for in-store shopping and vise versa.


Our loyalty program carries over to online shopping. Simply

select the proper reward and it will apply to your purchase.

Simply hit “APPLY” next to the amount of points that you wish to redeem and it will be put towards your purchase.


We have predetermined points tiers that allow you to redeem certain amounts of points on your purchase. You can only redeem up to 2000 points on a single purchase. See `MAJER LOYALTY POINTS REWARDS` table.


All items returned will have the respective points deducted from your Loyalty account.



Majer Hockey reserves the right to change our Loyalty program in whole or in part at any time without notice. Majer Hockey also reserves the right to cancel your membership in our Loyalty program at any given time. We also reserve the right to cancel any online orders. Accumulated points can still be used as above if this program is terminated.

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Do I have to register for the Majer Loyalty Program in-store and online?

No. Once you are registered in store or online, your account is good for both platforms.

Can I use my points in store and online?

Yes. All of your points are yours to spend as you wish, whether it is on our e-commerce site or in person at our store; however we add quite a bit of value added service and features plus various promotional incentives in-store.


Can prior purchases be added to my Majer Loyalty account?

No. The Loyalty program starts the day that you register.

How do I accumulate points in the store?

Simply provide your account information (name or phone number that you registered for the Loyalty program under) at the time of purchase as long as you are already in our system. If not, it’s easy to create an account. Please note the exceptions to receiving points in-store.


How are points calculated?

Points are calculated after completion of your purchase and are awarded for pre-tax purchases. Shipping charges are excluded.


I purchased my skates online. Can I come into the store to get them heat molded and sharpened?

Yes. We only offer free heat molding and 1 free sharpening with your online skate purchase. Sorry, no trade ins accepted for online skate purchases. See information under our value added incentives or contact us for details.

Can I earn bonus points?

Yes. We will periodically be sending our promotions and incentives for you to earn more and save more.

Can I earn or use rewards points on skate sharpening?

Yes. All pro shop services are included in the Loyalty program.

I have 190 points, can I redeem them?

Unfortunately, our reward tiers are redeemable in certain increments up to a maximum of 2000 points. See “POINTS TIERS” for redeemable points allowances.

Why do I have to pay taxes on the original item amount?

Loyalty points redemption and the discounts received from using them are always calculated pre-tax.

I have questions about my account or the Majer Loyalty rewards program.

Sure thing. Simply email sales@majerhockey.com or call us at 416-736-7444